Buying your own business has its pitfalls - claimed turnover may be inaccurate, or, in the absence of formal audited financial statements, insufficient information may be available. Other dangers include pending claims or labour disputes against the business, or imminent business or residential developments that will compromise the viability of the business.

Garden Route Business Services assist in determining the health of a business, including its history, whether its turnover is as claimed, whether the reasons for selling are valid and real, and potential problems that may arise in the near future. Such a due diligence report is an excellent investment, and will ensure that the business bought is the business that the buyer sees, without incorrect information. As we are removed from any agents, our research into a business for sale is unbaised, thorough and correct.

We assist in buying or selling a business in the following ways:

  • Purchase and Sale of existing businesses
  • Due diligence report, with business valuation
  • Business plan
  • Evaluation of financial statements
  • Budgets and cash flow projections
  • Transfer of personnel
  • Arrange financing
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